DM Production System

High-speed metal 3D printing for mass production

Created by leading inventors of binder jetting and single-pass inkjet technology, the Production System™ P-50 is designed to be the fastest way to 3D print metal parts at scale.

The Production System™ P-50 Printer leverages Desktop Metal’s patent pending Single Pass Jetting™ technology to achieve print speeds up to 12,000 cc/hr, producing parts at costs competitive
with conventional mass production techniques. Designed with an inert environment to process low cost MIM powders across non-reactive and reactive metals, the Production System™ P-50
offers the reliability and consistency required for high-volume,
end-use applications.

  • Patent pending Single Pass Jetting™ technology
  • Bi-directional printing enables speeds up to 12,000 cc/hr
  • Constant wave spreading enhances print bed uniformity
    and density
  • Patented anti-ballistics technology drives printhead
    longevity and part quality
  • Anti-banding technology improves reliability through
    printhead redundancy
  • Inert build chamber provides reactive metal support and powder consistency
  • Real-time optical bed inspection
  • Open material platform


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