DM Fiber

Stronger than steel. Lighter than Aluminum.

  • Seriously strong parts — Industrial-grade composites featuring continuous carbon fiber and fiberglass tape for unrivaled part strength
  • Exceptional performance of continuous carbon fiber with the ease of FFF printing to produce highperformance parts that are stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, and can operate continuously in the toughest environments up to 250 ºC.
  • Wide range of materials: PA6 + CF, PA6 + GF, PA6 +PEKK, PA6 + PEEK
Fiber™ prints with two printheads—one dedicated to a continuous fiber prepreg tape; one dedicated to chopped fiber-reinforced filament. Designed for versatility, the printer supports a wide range of both chopped fiber filament and continuous fiber composites to enable a broad set of applications from consumer electronics to automotive.
Fiber™ is the only composite 3D printer to use Micro Automated Fiber Placement (μAFP™)—unlocking exceptional composite part strength for a desktop printer. Featuring closed loop heat control, the µAFP™ head constructs a high-density, continuous fiber reinforcement while the FFF printhead enables a high-resolution exterior shell. Utilizing tapes featuring standard modulus 12k tow carbon fibers, up to 60% fiber volume fraction, and exceptional resin impregnation, Fiber™ is able to achieve continuous fiber reinforcement with less than 1% porosity—delivering parts with up to 2x the strength of steel at 1/2 the weight of aluminum.

Fiber applications

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